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waterproof windbreaker for motorcycle drivers

In terms of capacity, our state-of-the-art production facilities are equipped to handle large-scale orders, reflecting our commitment to excellence. Our experienced team ensures that every windbreaker meets rigorous standards, with a fit that is both functional and flattering. Whether you’re facing autumn chills or springtime gales, our windbreakers are the best overall value in men’s and women’s outdoor clothing, providing an exceptional balance of performance and aesthetic appeal. Trust in our tested and rated gear to enhance your adventures in any weather condition.

China EverBen Produce and supply different Windbreakers for the world market

With over 20 years of experience in producing waterproof garments, China EverBen RainWear has expanded our product range to include different types of windbreakers. Our windbreaker collection is the quintessence of durability and versatility, offering wind resistance and waterproofing that adventurers and urban explorers alike can rely on. Each lightweight jacket is a marvel of breathability, with packability that makes it an essential item in any outdoor kit. The synthetic materials used are of the highest quality, ensuring protection against the elements while maintaining a stylish design. With features like DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coatings and abrasion-resistant fabrics, our windbreakers stand out as a top-rated choice for anyone seeking comfort and functionality in their outdoor apparel.

black windbreaker jacket

our Missons and values

At the heart of our brand lies a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation. Our mission is to craft windbreakers that not only protect against the elements but also embrace the spirit of adventure. We value durability, functionality, and style, ensuring that each windbreaker we produce is tested and rated to meet the demands of both urban explorers and outdoor enthusiasts. With breathability, packability, and water resistance as our core features, we welcome you to experience the best overall value in windbreakers, designed to keep you comfortable and confident in any weather.

Why Choose EverBen RainWear

ponchotest audit logo

Quality Assurance

ISO Audit- factory, Windbreakers have passed tests for many European and American standards.
fleece lined windbreaker

Extensive Product Range

Many different styles of Windbreaker for fishing, sport, Outdoor events, and more.
China EverBen New Raincoat Factory with ISO

20 Years Experience

Many years of experience in understanding market trends, quality standards, and buyer requirements.

Our Windbreakers Selection

Custom Produce Windbreakers in Bulk

Our Windbreakers Selection boasts innovative features and superior materials for optimal weather protection. Advanced fabrics offer breathability and water resistance, while durable construction ensures longevity. Functional details like sealed seams, adjustable hoods, and ample pockets provide practicality and ease of use. Reflective accents enhance visibility in low light, and lightweight designs ensure comfort during active pursuits. Versatile styles cater to both casual wear and outdoor adventures, making our windbreakers essential for varied climates and seasons.

Selection Excellence reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Rigorous testing guarantees performance, and sustainable practices underscore our responsibility to the environment. Technological advancements in fabrication and design keep us at the forefront of windbreaker innovation. Dynamic assortments offer fresh options each season, with online exclusives and worldwide shipping for convenience. Customer care remains a top priority, ensuring a seamless shopping experience and after-sales support.

ladies windbreaker jacket
camo windbreaker
china bulk custom pu waterproof windbreaker jacket

More styles of our Custom Windbreakers:

womens rain windbreaker
womens rain windbreaker

Blue Windbreaker

for Women Styles

Women’s rain windbreaker, full zipper front opening, reflective tape on sleeves, elastic sleeve openings, detachable hood, lightweight. Designed for versatility, durability in wet conditions. Water-resistant fabric, adjustable features for custom fit, comfort. Ideal for outdoor activities, unpredictable weather. Combines functionality, style, protection against elements. Easy to pack, convenient for travel, everyday use. Reflective accents for visibility, safety in low light.

Windcheater Jacket

for men sport

Blue windcheater jacket, lightweight for sport, self-packing pocket right side, elastic cuff, detachable hood, lightweight. Engineered for athletic pursuits, ease of movement. Quick-dry fabric, streamlined design for performance, agility. Compact storage capability, practicality on the go. Adjustable elements for tailored fit, enhanced comfort. Suitable for active individuals, varied outdoor conditions. Combines sporty aesthetics, functional innovation for active wear.

windcheater jacket for men
windcheater jacket for men
windbreaker jacket
windbreaker jacket

Windbreaker Jacket

Warmer Jacket

Contrast yellow/grey color windbreaker jacket, warmer jacket, zipper and button front flat opening, velcro cuff, detachable hood, zipper pocket each side, reflective piping on chest, suitable for walking, running, travel, other outdoor events. Features thermal insulation, adjustable hood, cuff for fit, comfort, reflective details for visibility, safety. Ideal for active lifestyle, transitional weather, combining style, functionality.

Pink Wind Breaker

For women and girls

Pink Wind Breaker, women and girls, skirt-style jacket, velcro cuffs, reflective tape sleeves, suitable for walking, running, travel, outdoor events. Features soft, lightweight fabric,  designed for comfort, functionality, and style. Ideal for active wear, offers protection, visibility, and a fashionable silhouette for various outdoor activities.

wind breaker for women girls
wind breaker for women girls
waterproof windbreaker for motorcycle drivers
waterproof windbreaker for motorcycle drivers

Waterproof Windbreaker

For motorcycle drivers

Red waterproof windbreaker for motorcycle drivers, elastic and velcro cuffs, pocket each side, zipper and button flap opening, detachable hood, net mesh lining, breathable and waterproof PU coating on  nylon fabrics, suitable for motorcycle driving, walking, running, travel, promotion, work, outdoor events. Incorporates features for comfort, safety, including thermal insulation, streamlined fit for ease of movement, durable construction for long-lasting wear.

Running Windbreaker

For running, walking and other outdoor events

The lightweight yellow windbreaker is tailored for bicycle drivers and runners, featuring zipper pockets on each side, elastic cuffs and hem, a front zipper opening, an attached hood, and a breathable, waterproof PU coating on nylon fabrics. It also boasts a custom reflective logo on the chest, making it an excellent choice for a range of activities including walking, running, travel, promotional events, work, and other outdoor events.

running windbreaker
running windbreaker
red women's windbreaker
red women's windbreaker

Red Women's Windbreaker

For sport

The red women’s windbreaker is crafted for sports enthusiasts and features a pocket on the right side, a front zipper opening flap, and an attached drawstring hood. It is made from soft PU fabrics that are both breathable and waterproof, ensuring comfort and protection. The jacket’s custom style and specifications make it a great fit for bicycle drivers, walkers, runners, travelers, and anyone involved in promotional events, work, or other outdoor activities.

Plus Size Waterproof Windbreaker

For women

The plus size waterproof red windbreaker is a versatile garment designed for outdoor events and travel, extending full length under the knee. It features flap pockets on each side, a front zipper and buttons on the opening flap, and an attached drawstring hood. The jacket is made from polyester fabrics with a breathable and waterproof PU coating, tailored to custom style and specifications. It is an excellent choice for bicycle drivers, walkers, runners, travelers, and anyone involved in promotional events, work, or other outdoor activities.

plus size waterproof windbreaker
plus size waterproof windbreaker
packable windbreaker
packable windbreaker

Packable Windbreaker

For fishing

The lightweight green windbreaker, ideal for fishing and various outdoor activities, features custom pockets on each side, a front zipper flap, and an attached drawstring hood with a hem drawstring. Constructed with breathable and waterproof PU-coated polyester, it meets custom style and specifications. This jacket is a top pick for bicycle riders, walkers, runners, travelers, and those engaged in promotional work or outdoor events.

Navy Plus size Windbreaker

For Cycling

Crafted for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts, this navy windbreaker features a custom front zipper flap, an attached drawstring hood, and a longer backside length tailored for cycling. The jacket’s fabric is a breathable, waterproof PU-coated polyester, ensuring comfort and protection against the elements. With elastic and velcro cuffs for a secure fit, this piece is ideal for cycling, walking, running, travel, and various promotional or work-related outdoor events.

navy plus size windbreaker
navy plus size windbreaker
mens windbreaker
mens windbreaker

Camouflage Windbreaker

For Outdoor Activity

This men’s windbreaker, sporting a camouflage pattern, suits those who seek the thrill of outdoor events and travel. The garment includes a full zip front opening and a hood with an adjustable drawstring, ensuring a secure fit in various weather conditions. The nylon material receives a boost in functionality from a breathable, waterproof PU coating, paired with a mesh lining for enhanced ventilation. Practicality comes in the form of double pockets with protective flaps and velcro cuffs for a customizable fit. This windbreaker caters to a range of outdoor activities, including camping, expeditions, and mountain climbing, with options for personalization in style and specifications.

Mens Waterproof Windbreaker

Softshell Fabric

This men’s windbreaker, enveloped in a full camouflage print, stands ready for outdoor events and travel. The jacket’s softshell fabric is both warmer and breathable, with a waterproof quality to withstand the elements. A full zip front opening and a hood with drawstring provide adjustable coverage. Storage options include double zipper pockets at the bottom and a single zipper pocket over the heart on the chest. Personalization is available through custom logos, styles, and specifications. The design is completed with elastic cuffs and hem for a secure fit. This windbreaker is suitable for a range of activities, from camping and expeditions to outdoor survival, travel, and mountain climbing.

mens waterproof windbreaker
mens waterproof windbreaker
mens black windbreaker
mens black windbreaker

Mens Black Windbreaker

Warmer Jacket

This men’s black windbreaker is a winter wardrobe essential, offering high waterproof and windproof capabilities with its nylon fabric and warm filling. The jacket secures with a full zip front opening and includes a detachable hood with drawstring for adjustable comfort. Practicality is ensured with double zipper flap pockets, while customization is available through a logo and specific style choices. The design is completed with both velcro and elastic cuffs, alongside a drawstring hem, making this a reliable and quality choice for a warmer waterproof jacket.

women windcheater
women windcheater

Fashion Windcheater

For womens

Green yellow windcheater, colorful buttons on opening, double pocket each side, elastic waist, detachable hood, lightweight. Crafted for comfort, practicality in diverse weather. Water-resistant material, vibrant design for style, visibility. Functional pockets, adjustable fit for convenience, ease. Essential for outdoor enthusiasts, active lifestyles. Merges performance, fashion for modern, dynamic outerwear.

Windbreaker Jacket

For running and outdoor activity

Lightweight orange windbreaker jacket, very thin, soft fabric, zipper front opening, elastic cuff, detachable hood, suitable for sport, running, outdoor events. Features include breathability, moisture-wicking, quick-drying capabilities, compact storage in self-packing pocket, designed for active use, comfort, and convenience. Ideal for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts seeking protection, functionality, and ease of movement in a stylish, contemporary design.

windbreaker running jacket
windbreaker running jacket
wind breakers
wind breakers

Black Wind Breakers

Lightweight for outdoor

Black lightweight windbreaker jacket, self-packing pocket right side, red and white contrast color front zipper, velcro cuffs, detachable hood, zipper pockets each side, suitable for walking, running, travel, other outdoor events. Features durable, breathable materials, adjustable fit for comfort, convenience, secure storage for essentials. Ideal for active individuals, versatile for various conditions, stylish for casual or sporty attire.

White/Black Windbreaker

For Promotional and working

Black/white windbreaker, lightweight calf-style jacket, elastic cuffs, self-fabric packing pouch, suitable for walking, running, travel, promotion, work, other outdoor events. Features include water-resistant material, breathable design, convenient storage, and reflective elements for safety, visibility. Ideal for active, on-the-go lifestyles, offering versatility, style, and practicality.

white windbreaker
white windbreaker
water resistant blue windbreaker
water resistant blue windbreaker

Water Resistant Blue Windbreaker

For bicyle drivers

The blue lightweight windbreaker is designed for bicycle drivers and features an elastic cuff, a front zipper opening, and a detachable hood. It is crafted from nylon fabrics with a white breathable and waterproof PU coating. Reflective tape on the sleeves enhances visibility, making it a versatile choice for walking, running, travel, promotional events, work, and other outdoor activities.

Reflective Windbreaker

For bicycle drivers

The lightweight black windbreaker is ideal for bicycle riders and runners, featuring a self-packing pocket on the right side, contrast orange elastic cuffs, and a front zipper opening. It includes an attached drawstring hood, breathable and waterproof PU coating on polyester fabrics, and a custom reflective logo with a reflective panel on the chest, front opening, and sleeves. This jacket is perfect for a variety of activities such as walking, running, traveling, promotional events, working, and other outdoor events.

reflective windbreaker
reflective windbreaker
rain windbreaker
rain windbreaker

Green Rain Windbreaker

For outdoor events, travel

This rain windbreaker is equipped for outdoor events and travel, featuring pockets on each side, a front zipper opening flap, and an attached drawstring hood. The jacket is constructed with breathable and waterproof PU-coated polyester fabrics, tailored to custom style and specifications. It is a versatile garment, well-suited for bicycle drivers, walkers, runners, travelers, and anyone participating in promotional events, work, or other outdoor activities.

Pink Windbreaker

For women and girls

The long-sized pink windbreaker, perfect for outdoor events and travel, boasts printed cartoon pockets on each side, a front zipper opening, and an attached drawstring hood. It features a breathable and waterproof PU coating on polyester fabrics, custom tailored to style and specifications. This jacket is a great companion for bicycle drivers, walkers, runners, and anyone involved in promotional events, work, or other outdoor activities.

pink windbreaker
pink windbreaker
nylon windbreaker
nylon windbreaker

Nylon Windbreaker

For warmer and windproof

The heavy-duty windbreaker, ideal for fishing and outdoor adventures, comes in a striking contrast of red and grey. It features a breathable net mesh lining for comfort, custom zipper pockets for secure storage, and a front zipper with a flap for added protection. The attached drawstring hood and hem ensure a snug fit, while the elastic and velcro cuffs adapt to movement. With its breathable and waterproof PU coating on polyester fabrics, this jacket is tailored to meet custom requirements. It’s a robust choice for bicycle riders, walkers, runners, and anyone active in outdoor events, travel, or promotional work.

Motorbicycle Cycling Windbreaker

For Motor Cycling

The Motorbicycle Cycling Windbreaker, in a vibrant red hue, is designed for the active individual. It features a custom front zipper and button flap for secure closure, an attached drawstring hood for adjustable coverage, and a breathable, waterproof PU coating on nylon fabrics for all-weather protection. The interior mesh lining ensures comfort, while the double pocket with flap offers practical storage. Tailored to custom style and specifications, this jacket includes elastic and velcro cuffs for a snug fit. It is an excellent choice for bicycle drivers, walkers, runners, and anyone involved in outdoor events, travel, promotions, or work.

motorbicycle cycling windbreaker
motorbicycle cycling windbreaker
mens windbreaker jacket
mens windbreaker jacket

Black Windbreaker Jacket

Lightweight for outdoor events

This men’s black windbreaker jacket is a lightweight layer suitable for outdoor events and travel. The jacket has a full zip front opening and an adjustable drawstring hood, providing practicality and ease of use. The polyester fabric is treated with a breathable and waterproof PU coating, offering protection against the elements without the bulk of a lining. Storage is provided by double pockets, and the cuffs are elastic for a secure fit. The jacket can be customized with a logo and specific style requirements. It is appropriate for a variety of outdoor activities, including camping, expeditions, outdoor survival, travel, and mountain climbing.

Mens Waterproof Windbreaker

For Motor Cycling

This men’s windbreaker is a robust choice for motorcycling, made from high-grade nylon that is both waterproof and windproof, thanks to the PU coating. The jacket secures with a full zip and button flaps, and includes a detachable hood with drawstring. For storage, there are double zipper flap pockets at the bottom and reflective piping adorns the front chest and sleeves for visibility. Customization options for logos, style, and specifications are available, and the fit can be adjusted with velcro and elastic cuffs, plus a drawstring at the hem. This windbreaker stands out as a quality motorcycling raincoat.

men's lightweight windbreaker
men's lightweight windbreaker
lightweight windbreaker for girls womens
lightweight windbreaker for girls womens

Lightweight Windbreaker

Green Windproof Jacket for girls and womens

This green windproof jacket for girls and women merges style with functionality, presenting a skirt-style silhouette for a distinctive look. The windbreaker secures with five buttons along the front flap, and includes a hood with an integrated drawstring for adjustability. Storage needs are met with double flap pockets at the lower end, and the cuffs combine velcro and elastic for a snug fit. Personalization is available through custom logos and specific design requirements, making this jacket a budget-friendly option for promotions and various outdoor activities.

Customization Options of Windbreaker

Windbreakers vary widely, with some being standard and others offering unique customization. To find the best windbreaker for your needs, consider the available customization options. These can range from fabric choices, sizes, design patterns, colors, to the quality of craftsmanship. As a manufacturer, we provide a selection of customization choices to tailor your windbreaker to your preferences:

Windbreakers come with a variety of customization options to meet specific needs and tastes. Selecting these options allows for the creation of a windbreaker that is both functional and personal, with the addition of names, logos, or slogans for uniqueness.

For those interested in bespoke windbreakers, our company, China EverBen RainWear, brings over two decades of industry expertise. We are committed to delivering top-quality products and services. We offer custom samples at competitive prices, guarantee swift delivery, and provide a warranty for your order. Tailor your windbreaker to your exact specifications and preferences with our customization services

Custom Fabrics

The choice of fabric for a windbreaker is crucial, affecting its warmth, weight, breathability, waterproofness, durability, and cost. Common materials include nylon, polyester, and Gore-Tex®. Select the fabric that best fits the environmental conditions and seasons you’ll encounter. For chilly climates, opt for thicker materials stay warm. In contrast nylon, or polyester are preferable for warmer settings due to their lightness and breathability. For versatile, all weather protection, Gore-Tex® offers both waterproof and breathable qualities

Custom Designs

The design of a windbreaker is key to its functionality and features. Windbreaker designs vary, including leg styles and foot types. The right design aligns with the specific activities and preferences of the wearer. For instance, those requiring more protection or engaging in activities in deeper waters might opt for a longer, more protective style over a standard windbreaker. Conversely, for activities in shallower waters or when greater mobility is needed, a shorter, more flexible windbreaker is preferable. Additionally, choices between different closures for the feet are available, such as internal fittings suitable for outdoor boots or integrated protective footwear

Custom Size

The fit and comfort of a windbreaker hinge on its size, which encompasses the length of the garment and the sizing of the sleeves. The right size ensures a perfect match for your body’s dimensions. For those with longer arms or broader shoulders, a larger size may be the best fit. Conversely, a smaller size may suit those with shorter arms or a slimmer frame. To ensure precision, you can measure your arm length and chest width and opt for a custom-sized windbreaker that aligns with your specific measurements

Custom Color

The color of a windbreaker plays a significant role in its overall look and style, encompassing both the fabric’s hue and the stitching’s tint. Select a color that complements your outdoor environment and reflects your personal style. For heightened visibility in clear conditions, opt for vibrant shades like yellow or orange. In contrast, for blending into darker, murkier settings, choose subdued tones such as green or brown. Patterned options like camouflage or plaid are also available to match your specific outdoor pursuits

Custom Workmanship

The workmanship of a windbreaker is a testament to its quality and longevity. This includes the caliber of the materials, the precision of the stitching, and the robustness of the accessories. Selecting superior workmanship ensures a windbreaker that is durable and resilient. For robustness, materials like Gore-Tex® or Nylon are recommended. For a polished appearance, opt for meticulous stitching methods such as double-stitching or seam-sealing. For functionality and ease of use, choose windbreakers with high-quality zippers, buckles, pockets, and belt loops

The World of Windbreakers

Understanding Bulk Custom Windbreakers

China EverBen RainWear, a seasoned supplier with two decades of experience, offers a comprehensive selection of bulk custom windbreakers. The catalog showcases a variety of windbreakers, including options for casual wear, enhanced waterproofing for heavy rain, and insulated choices for colder climates. Each style is available for customization, allowing for the addition of logos and adherence to specific design requirements. The range of materials spans from traditional cotton to advanced synthetic blends, ensuring that every windbreaker serves its intended purpose effectively

Benefits of Windbreakers from us

Windbreakers offer several benefits, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe. They provide protection from wind and cold weather, ensuring comfort during outdoor activities. Their breathability is a key feature, allowing for comfort even in warmer or humid conditions. Additionally, windbreakers are lightweight, which makes them easy to carry, wash, and store.

Purchasing windbreakers in bulk from China EverBen RainWear presents its own advantages. Buyers can enjoy significant cost savings due to the lower prices offered on large orders. This affordability does not come at the expense of quality, as the company is known for producing durable and reliable products. With over 20 years of experience, China EverBen RainWear has established itself as a trusted supplier, capable of fulfilling large orders with a commitment to customer satisfaction

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Advantages of Bulk Purchasing from China EverBen RainWear

Bulk purchasing from China EverBen RainWear offers several advantages to fishing wholesalers and retailers. 

cropped windbreaker

 Firstly, wholesale pricing and discounts directly from China Factory make it cost-effective to stock up on windbreakers for wholesaler and resale. 

Secondly, EverBen RainWear offers streamlined logistics and shipping solutions, ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery process. 

 Additionally, customization options are available for bulk orders, allowing customers to tailor their windbreaker to their specific requirements.

Quality Assurance and Certification

ponchotest audit logo

As an ISO-audited supplier of waterproof rainwear and windbreakers, China EverBen RainWear prioritizes stringent quality control protocols. The company’s windbreakers are subject to rigorous quality assurance processes, ensuring that customers receive only the highest standard products. EverBen RainWear adheres to all necessary certifications and industry benchmarks, affirming the dependability and safety of their garments. This dedication to quality assurance is central to achieving customer satisfaction and confidence

Materials and Manufacturing Process

Materials of Windbreakers

Windbreakers are constructed from a variety of materials, each selected for its unique properties to suit different weather conditions and activities. 

Cotton, a traditional choice, offers breathability and comfort, making it suitable for mild climates

Nylon is favored for its strength and weather resistance, ideal for more demanding outdoor pursuits

Polyester is another prevalent choice, balancing durability with breathability, often used in active wear

Many windbreakers also feature a polyurethane (PU) coating to enhance their waterproof capabilities, ensuring wearers stay dry during rain, The catalog of windbreaker materials is extensive, with options ranging from lightweight synthetics for casual use to reinforced fabrics for extreme conditions.The classification of these materials allows consumers to select windbreakers that align with their specific needs, whether for urban commuting or rugged outdoor adventures

Manufacturing Process Of Windbreakers

The manufacturing process of windbreakers is a detailed journey from raw material to finished product, ensuring quality at every step:

1.Fabric Quality: The process begins with the selection of high-quality fabrics, such as polyester or nylon, which are known for their durability and weather resistance. These fabrics may also be treated with water-repellent coatings like polyurethane for enhanced performance.
2.Fabric Cutting: Precision cutting of the fabric is crucial to ensure consistency in size and shape across all windbreakers. Computer-aided design (CAD) systems are often used to optimize the use of fabric and minimize waste.
3.Sewing: The cut pieces are sewn together using industrial sewing machines. This step requires skilled technicians to maintain the integrity of the seams, ensuring they are strong and can withstand wear and tear.
4.Stitching: Critical to the windbreaker’s durability, double-stitching or seam-sealing techniques are applied, especially in areas prone to stress or water ingress.
5.Taping: For waterproof windbreakers, seams are taped to prevent water from seeping through stitch holes. This is done using specialized machines that apply waterproof tape under heat to seal the seams.
6.Printing: Custom logos or designs are printed onto the fabric using screen printing or digital printing methods, depending on the complexity and color requirements.
7.Embroidery: Some windbreakers may feature embroidery for a premium look. This involves stitching designs directly onto the fabric with thread.
8.Trims: Additional elements like zippers, buttons, drawstrings, and elastic bands are added. These components are carefully selected for their quality and functionality.
9.Folding: Once completed, windbreakers are carefully folded to prevent wrinkles and to prepare them for packaging.
10.Packing: The final step involves packing the windbreakers into boxes or bags, ready for distribution. Each piece is inspected to ensure it meets the quality standards before being shipped.

At each stage of the process, Quality Checks are performed to ensure that every windbreaker meets the set standards for quality and durability. These checks include inspections of the fabric, seam strength, color consistency, and the functionality of trims and closures.

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Yellow Color

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Custom Logo on front chest

Detachable Hood in Collar, Front Zipper and Flap Opening. Large Front Pockets, Custom Logo and Custom Specifications.

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Heavy Duty Strong Reusable

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Waterproof PU Coating

This is a red waterproof painting apron made of nylon for kids. It is also called a smock or a baby coverall bib.

plus size waterproof windbreaker water repellent windbreaker

waterproof windbreaker

With Flannel Lining

Plus size waterproof windbreaker is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and running errands. Water repellent and wind-resistant.

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