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5 M2
factory area
1 Sets
Welding Machine
1 sets
sewing machine

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Aprons/Bags/Capes/Raincoat/Tablecloth/PPE/Promotion Accessories...

China EverBen Company As an 800 Skilled workers manufacturer, we can produce 20000 pcs PE raincoats/day, 5000 pcs PVC rain ponchos/day, 2000 pcs nylon rain jackets/day, our sewing workshop also can produce custom baseball caps 10000 pcs/day, Aprons/Capes 10000 pcs/day…

Our sewing workshop can produce T-shirts, felt bags, aprons, barber capes, cotton towels or microfiber towels for our buyers.

Welding Workshop for Plastic Rainwears aprons bags capes rain ponchos

The Auto Printing Machine can produce more than 8 colors custom printing for buyers Promotional activity products. 

Sewing workshop for nylon raincoats aprons raincapes baseball caps

Our Plastic Workshop can produce biodegradable bags, aprons, capes, rain ponchos, tablecloth, shower curtains, shoes cover, head cover, machine covers, plastic covers for car, seat, and so on.

Auto Printing Machine for All over printing on PE Cheap Rain Ponchos

Our Raincoat Factory History:

Starting in 1997 with just 15 workers, we have now grown to have over 800 workers!

EverBen Raincoat Factory was Born
EverBen Raincoat Workshop in 1997

We begin production with 15 workers and 9 sewing machines in a village of Lingshou Country, Shijiazhuang Area, Hebei Province, China.

We manufacture waterproof garments using polyester and nylon fabrics with a waterproof coating on the back. 

Initially, we are producing these garments for the Nation Export company.

Welding Machine
Bought 60 sets of Welding Machine
Welding Machine EverBenRaincoat

We Produced PVC Rain Ponchos and Raincoats with these 60 sets of Welding Machines. That's The first Workshop for Plastic rainwear.

Additional Welding Machine
Bought 200 sets of Additional Welding Machine
200 sets welding machine for eva raincoats and rain ponchos

Our factory has started producing other plastic rainwear materials, such as disposable rain ponchos for promotional activities, PE raincoats with custom logos, and EVA raincoats/rain capes for top brand buyers. These plastic raincoats are affordable and perfect for outdoor events, sports games, festivals, and music parties. 

Materials Machine
Bought PE Blowing Machine 3 sets
PE rain poncho emergency disposable PE materials machine

We bought 3 sets of PE films blowing machine for our Promotional Rain Ponchos and Raincoats.

3 Sets EVA Films Machines
3 Sets EVA Films Machines
peva rain poncho Films production factory

We bought new 3 sets EVA/PEVA films stretch machine for our promotional EVA rainwears, PEVA Tablecloth, EVA shower curtains. Capacity: 10000square meters/day.

New Big Factory:
5 sets of PE films blowing machine.
3 sets EVA/PEVA films stretch machine.
New Factory with ISO Audit
China EverBen New Raincoat Factory with ISO

We have commenced production and operations in our new, state-of-the-art factory, which is an ISO9001/ISO14001 audit factory. We produce top-notch waterproof garments and plastic products, adhering to the rigorous ISO quality control process.


New Office
New Business Office in CBD of Shijiazhuang City
everben business office

We have acquired a commercial office space in the bustling Central Business District of Shijiazhuang City, located at C1306 Orient Victory Plaza, 508 Zhongshan East Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China 050000. 

This office serves as our business hub, from which we conduct our registered export business operations, exporting top-quality waterproof garments, plastic products, and promotional items.


BSCI Audit
BSCI Audit us
BSCI cert

Our waterproof garment factory have BSCI Audit since 2018. Our skilled workers and strict quality control processes ensure the production of high-quality waterproof garments. We commitment to minimizing waste and reducing our carbon footprint reflects this. We welcome interested parties to contact us to learn more about how we can meet your waterproof garment needs with integrity and professionalism.


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  • Our team will answer your inquiries within 12 hours.
  • Your information will be kept strictly confidential.

What you can get from us

  • A Experience:  20+ years specialized in line of Waterproof Garments/ Promotional/Outdoor/Plastic Products
  • A Quickly Delivery time.  15-65 days after confirmed all, If your urgently need for your commercial activity and events.
  • A Customizable product.  You can send your designs, logos, or specifications to us, and we will do bulk production special for you. 

Who Do We Help?

Our customers including:

promotional gift companies, outdoor product retailers, sports product agents, music festival organizers, large-scale sports event planners, in-house corporate advertising and marketing campaigns, water sport games, Fishing Store, independent brand operators, and theme park operators, PPE company, Tools Company, and others.

Promotional Accessories From China EverBen

Gift Store/Shop

Deal with travel outdoor gifts, such as baseball cap, cool bandana, scarves, T-shirts, Beach Towels, Sport Towels, shopping bags, Reflective Slap Bands and other accessories store.

PPE Products from China Everben

PPE Products and tOOLS

Cam Buckle Straps| Roadway Traffic Cone| Traffic Warning Triangle| Roadway Safety Products|Reflective Safety Vest|Workwear| Safety Life Vest| Reflective Slap Bands| Pet Safety Vest| Reflective ccessories|Gloves|safety boots|aprons|eye mask|head safety helmet|tool bags

wilderness exploration products from China EverBen
wilderness exploration

Waterproof Cap, Waterproof Bags, Water Bags, Rain Boot, Waterproof Jacket and Pants,Tent, Sleeping Bags,Survival Emergency Thermal Ponchos...

Vacation Products from China EverBen
Vacation Products

Beach Towels, Baseball Caps, Visor, Flags, Skinsuit, Bags, Beach Shorts, T-shirts, Scarves, one time bath towels, Fast Dry Towels, Cool Bandana, cool eye mask, umbrella...

Vacation Products from China EverBen
Sport Games Items

Rain Ponchos, Flags, T-Shirts, Flap Pap, Cheerleading Rod Inflatable Rod,Trumpet,Hand Clapper Noisemakers, Whistle, Mask, Baseball Caps, other Sport accessories and gifts...

Promotional Gift from China EverBen
Promotional Gifts

Shopping Bags, Aprons, Capes, Rain Ponchos, Baseball Caps, Felt Bags, Cups, Cosmetic Bags, Key Chains, air balloon, Pen, Pensile, Notebook, Eye Mask, Scarves, Toys, and other promotional accessories...

Fishing Products From China EverBen
Fishing Accessories

Waterproof Fishing Waders, Rain Boots, Caps, Waterproof Jacket, Rain Trounsers, Water Bags, Dry Towels, Gloves, and other Accessories...

Festival Products from China EverBen
Festival Items

Printing Logo Rain Ponchos, Hammock, Baseball Caps, Visor, Hats, Ground Covers, Pads, Tabelcloth, Bathrobe Capes, Eye Glasses, Dry Sweat Towels...

Climb Outdoor Products from China EverBen
Outdoor Travel

Heavy Duty Waterproof Rain Jacket, Wateproof Bags, Water Bags, Safety Boots, Tent, Towels, Cup, Tent, Sleeping Bags, Cam Buckle Straps...

Climb Mountain Products from China EverBen
Climb Mountain

Trekking Poles, Waterproof Bags, Eye Glasses, Safety Helmet/Caps, Straps, Knives, Dry Towels, Gloves, Safety Boots, Reflective Accessories...

Effective Production Process

Your Outdoor/Promotion/sAFETY/PLASTIC/HOME items

Waterproof Materials for raincoats from China EverBen

Fabric materials

PVC Films, Nylon/polyester fabrics with PVC Coating/PU coating/PA coating for waterproof garments, aprons, and capes.

Quality Check of the rain jackets Fabrics before cutting

fabrics quality check

The materials have to be quality checked before cutting, so make sure all good quality fabrics for our raincoats ponchos.

Big Cutting room for waterproof Garments Rainwears from China EverBen

fabrics cutting

5 cutting tables and 2 auto spread fabrics machines, 2 auto cutting machines in the 2000M2 cutting room

Welding workshop Sewing workshop for China EverBen Raincoats Supplier


300 sets of welding machines for plastic raincoats, 350 sets of sewing machines for reusable fabrics nylon ponchos.

Quality Check and Packing workshop of the raincoats

qc+packing workshop

QC ensures all good quality before packing in the ISO process. Custom packages for bulk rain ponchos and custom raincoats.

Warehouse of the rain ponchos before shipping


Two 1500 M2 warehouses store  ready-packed raincoats ponchos and other outdoor promotional items.


Loading to Container from China Everben Raincoats

loading in container

We calculate the loading way by special software, so can save container space and packing more to save freight cost.

Shipping by sea air train to all of the world from China EverBen


We have fullness experience arranging to ship by air, sea, train, and express, Can do FOB to DDP terms for buyers.

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