Bulk Custom Rain Ponchos Supplier

If you are looking for bulk Custom Rain Ponchos and Raincoats, you have come to the correct place.   

We are one of leading suppliers of rain wears in North China. 

We Do Custom Rain Ponchos and Custom Raincoat for you Specially

We mainly do custom rain ponchos and raincoats by buyer’s original samples or designs, Including custom materials, custom color, custom size, custom printing, custom packing, custom label, and customized produce everything for you specially.

PVC Materials for Promotioal Rain Ponchos

Custom Fabrics

Custom Raincoat Materials Including all main waterproof fabrics in the market: Nylon, Polyester, PVC, PE, PEVA, EVA, TPU...

Pantone color for custom raincoat

Custom Color

Bulk Produce Raincoats by buyer's Pantone number, color swatches, or original samples.

custom rain ponchos specifications

Custom Size

Bulk Waterproof Raincoats Production can follow the buyer's design artwork, made to the buyer's specifications and size.

custom printing logo for custom rain ponchos

Custom Printing

Buyer's Design Printing and Logo can be on the rain ponchos and raincoats, CMYK printing, silkscreen printing, Heat Transfer Printing, Digital Printing and Embroidery...

custom rain ponchos package

Custom packing

The final package can follow the buyer's samples or design, including logo, sticker, color paper, printing cardboard box, paper wrap, bags, and so on.

custom logo

Custom brand

The buyer's Design label, brand name, logo, other brand tags, and sticker should be on the raincoat, all following the buyer's custom designs.

Ensure the safety of your business

Supply Good Quality Bulk Raincoats for your custom orders

Registered Company and ISO Audit Manufacturer


Registered in Government

Registered Company

We have completed the registration process with all relevant government offices, banks, and customs, and have designated our official bank as the recipient of funds.


Rain Ponchos Supplier

BSCI Audit

As a BSCI Audit Raincoat Supplier, can improving buyer's reputation and managing supply chain risks.

ISO Audit

Raincoat Manufacturer


ISO Audit Raincoat Manufacturer, certified in ISO14001, ISO9001, and ISO45001. We produce raincoats of good quality through ISO quality control management systems.
Custom Raincoat Supplier workshop EverBen Custom Rain Ponchos Factory

EverBen Raincoat Factory, BSCI+ISO Audit Rain Ponchos Supplier, has Custom Logo printing workshop, welding workshop, packing workshop, raincoat materials Cutting workshop,  sewing workshop for raincoat and other promotional items, such as baseball caps, t-shirts, bags, aprons, towels, felt bags and so on. 

Our Professional QC do 100% quality inspection on all the process upon ISO systems.

We are a Audit Raincoat supplier by below Labory or Agent

Matched the Highest Quality Standard in the world

The China EverBen RainWear Company specializes in producing large quantities of custom rain ponchos and other promotional items that meet both European and American regulatory standards, such as Oeko-tex, REACH, EN ISO 20471, Global Recycled Standard, ROHS, Prop65, EN 71, ISO 105/E04, 16 CFR PART 1611, and 16 CFR 1303/CPSIA, 16 CFR 1500.44. The waterproof raincoats , rain ponchos and other promotional plastic products should  be free of Phthalates, AZO, and low in Cadmium, Lead, and 8 other heavy metals, as well as flame-retardant standard.

Walmart Audit Raincoat Supplier
NFL audit Rain Poncho supplier
Disney Audit Raincoat Manufacturer
TUV test quality raincoat factory
Far East Test
sgs tested raincoat producer
MTS TEST raincape supplier
BV TEST quality waterproof garments supplier

We can Produce Biodegradable Rain Ponchos and Compostable Bags, including starch and PBAT+ materials, which can be satisfied and pass the test EN13432+OK Compostable Certificate.

Our raincoats and rain ponchos have passed the required tests and should receive certification from the designated laboratories.

ROHS waterproof raincoat supplier
Reach Quality Rain Ponchos supplier
Prop65 Quality Raincoat Manufacturer
Ok compostable Rain Ponchos supplier
EN 13432 logo
Global Recycled Standard

Help you start easy

If you require large quantities of custom-designed promotional items for any of the following purposes: promoting your company, hosting outdoor events, sports games, or music festivals, Contact Us!!!


Our Business people Specialize in international business and are familiar with waterproof raincoats can help you start and conclude the business.​

Within 1-24 hours reply

Reply to your questions and requirement within 1 hours in working times, within 24 hours at latest.

fast delivery time

20000 pcs/day capacity, can get ready for the disposable rain ponchos within 7-15 days after your order.


5+ years cooperating shipping forwarder can help you ship the raincoat all over the world in safety.​

100+ Countries QUALITY STANDARD Experience

We know most of the quality standards in the world, from USA, UK, GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY, AND AUSTRALIA, as well as other areas in the world...​

850+ Skilled Workers Bulk Raincoat Factory

Produce 20000 pcs Promotional Rain Ponchos/day, 5000 pcs Printing Vinyl Raincapes/day, and 2000 pcs Custom Fabric Raincoats/day.

Our large capacity can help us produce big quantity orders within the fast delivery time.

Looking to purchase raincoats in bulk for your business? Want to promote your brand with customized promotional rain ponchos? Need fast delivery? Contact us today!

Contact us to get a free quotation Or Request copy samples specially for you now!

Factory Area
50 +
Workers in Factory
1 Years
Supplier History
3000 pcs+
Daily Capacity

China EverBen RainWear

Our Products

We specialized in producing exceptional quality raincoats, rain ponchos and other promotional products for our customers. Our raincoats are made from customized materials such as PE, PEVA, EVA, PVC, polyester, and nylon which are known for their water-resistant properties. Our team puts in extra effort to keep good quality, on-time delivery, and provide prompt responses to buyers’ requirements. Whether you require the promotional raincoat and other items for construction workers, outdoor events, Music Festivals, Promotional gifts, or any other purpose, we promise to provide quality bulk rain poncho gifts or other promotional items to your company

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Produce and Export Waterproof raincoats and Promotional Rain Ponchos since the year 1997, have exported to the market of USA, UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, and other countries...

ISO Quality Ensurance

GOOD quality matched Buyer's request and Contract standard upon stictly ISO quality control Systems from start production till ready packing of ponchos

We have lots of experience

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