Vinyl Rain Poncho

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China Raincoat & Poncho Factory  poncho@ponchosupplier.comEmergency Poncho & RaincoatLDPE poncho & RaincoatEPI ponchoBiodegradable ponchoRe-Usable Poncho & RaincoatPVC poncho & RaincoatPEVA poncho & RaincoatPolyester/nylon poncho & Raincoat 15 Years Rain Poncho Supplier Audit by:Walmart Audited Rain Poncho Supplier.jpgBSCI audited Rain Ponchos Factory logo.pngDisney Raincape Audit Logo.pngSGS test Plastic Ponchos  supplierPVC Poncho/PVC Rain Poncho/PVC raincape/PVC rain cape/Re-usable Poncho:Your logo should be printing on the front or back of the PVC rain poncho/PVC poncho.Standard hood and drawing string hood available on the PVC raincape/PVC rain capeAdult size of the PVC poncho/PVC raincape:50″*80″; 52″*80″, 52″*90″,Other size according buyer availableChildren size of the PVC poncho/PVC raincape:30″*50″42″*60″45″*72″Other Size according buyer availableMaterials thickness of the PVC rain poncho/ PVC rain cape: 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm,0.08mm… Customer’s request thickness available.Colors of the PVC rain ponchos/PVC ponchos:ClearWhiteRedBlueGreenYellowBlackOther color according buyer’s pantone number available.Each PVC raincapes/PVC rain capes individually packed into PVC button pouch. An essential item for outdoor events & activities, promotional activities, ideal for adults & children.Order Quantity of the PVC rain ponchos/ PVC ponchos:MOQ:1000 pcs, more quantity with more cheap price.China Promotional PVC rain poncho supplier/PVC rain cape supplier/PVC poncho supplier/PVC raincape supplierPVC Poncho-001(Children Rain Poncho)PVC Poncho-002(Adult Standard Poncho)PVC Poncho-003(Children Rain Poncho)PVC Poncho-004(Adult Rain Poncho)
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