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China Raincoat & Poncho Factory  poncho@ponchosupplier.comEmergency Poncho & RaincoatLDPE poncho & RaincoatEPI ponchoBiodegradable ponchoRe-Usable Poncho & RaincoatPVC poncho & RaincoatPEVA poncho & RaincoatPolyester/nylon poncho & Raincoat Our 10 sales representatives are ready for your inquiries. They’ll provide reliable, friendly service in English to ensure a smooth sourcing process. For more information, contact us today. EB LogoEver Ben Trade Shijiazhuang Co., Ltd.Add:C1306 Orient Victory Plaza, 508 Zhongshan East Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China  050000Tel: +86-311-8069 4375/8962 9652, +86-0-1571 6914 375Fax: +86-311-8962 9652Mobile: +86-(0)-138 3312 4686 (Mr Mark Liu) rainponcho@live.cnSkype: rainponchoEmail:
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